Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World

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With all of the noise out there, it takes a real pro or a super story to be noticed, but how can you do it consistently is the question and it has taken an experienced blogger who also has a topnotch reputation to show you how to do it.

Michael Hyatt illustrates that you need to make yourself heard in a world full of Internet noise. You may begin to think that Hyatt's program is just too complicated and requires too much work for you to become an overnight success.

That should never happen, no matter what you do, unless you hit the evening news or one of the major news blog sites over and over again, having done something that will attract notoriety. If you do hit this type of site, you can be certain that you will use your 15 minutes of fame quickly and that when the last news person leaves, you'll just be as obscure as when it all started.

No, you actually need to look at the information Hyatt advocates in how to get noticed in a Noisy World quite closely and then follow his advice strictly. He is a person who knows what he is talking about as he headed a successful publishing house for years, growing the business in the face of Internet and Web pressure.

Hyatt notes that you must have two items to ensure success. The first is a product that is compelling and once you have developed that product, you must take the second step and ensure that you have a meaningful platform to get yourself heard.

If you satisfy these two keys, then you will assure your place in the increasingly competitive and noisy world of the Internet and Web where it is easy to be distracted by the latest and greatest floating ad or email; meantime your message is lost.

Hyatt knows how to ensure that you are heard and your message gets across and he backs up his advice with many examples from behind the scenes. He points to authors, poets, speakers and even musicians who have made the changes he suggests and how they have worked, even as the Internet gets more crowded daily.

Hyatt is a one of the world's top bloggers. If you Google him, you will find his site is one of the top in the advice business so he must know what he his talking about. It takes a blogger with a lot of talent and good advice to remain, day after day, among the top web sites, doesn't it?

It certainly shows that Hyatt has "the chops" needed to ensure that the information he supplies you is good and not just another of those "here's how you can make $48 gazillion dollars for an investment of 30 minutes and. These sites don't work.

What should work is Hyatt's method as many best-selling authors across the globe have used it successfully.


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Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World

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Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World

This article was published on 2012/07/15